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27 Normac Road, Woburn MA 01801 - Exit 36 off Route 128  -  Tel: (781) 935-5355 

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Group Exercise Schedule 2-8/17

Rezist with Arianna at Today's Fitness Center Woburn MA

What’s Rezist? - 20 unique multi joint resistance movements performed for 1 minute each. - 20 seconds rest between each movements. - 30 minutes in duration.

In these hustle and bustle times we are frequently posed with a common problem when it comes to working out. Should I do cardiovascular exercise for caloric burn and heart health or should I do resistance training for strong muscles and bones, since I probably don’t have time for both. Most classes today are geared for the cardio lovers who feel if they had to choose, the sweat and movement of cardio and calisthenics classes would be most beneficial. Therefore, they totally neglect overloading the muscles so they can build a lean strong physique.


What if you didn’t have to choose? What if there was one workout that gives you that cardio burn, and at the same time overload your muscles to spurt growth and shape? Now there is! Celebrity Trainer Gino Caccavale, who has trained Carmen Electra, the WWE Bella Twins and many more, has created a workout that will engage every muscle, every joint, while burning fat and calories through its constant succession of timed multi joint exercises; it’s called REZIST. Each exercise is carefully constructed and sequenced to combine upper body and lower body movements, giving you both a muscular and cardiovascular burn.

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We have been operating under the same ownership for over 25 years, serving the residents of Woburn and the surrounding cities and towns.  Our goal is to help people enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle. Whether you are an individual or represent a corporation, you understand the benefit of being encouraged to improve your health by increasing your energy, thus allowing for a more productive life with family and in the workplace. It is our goal to help you achieve your fitness potential!

Amenities: Unlimited Group Exercise Classes: Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, Cycling, Kickboxing, Personal Training. Free Weights, Hammer Strength, Icarian, Life Fitness Selectorized Machines. Top-of-the-Line Cardio Equipment. On-site Sports Medicine.

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